Best Balance Bike For 5 Year Old – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide in 2017

Best Balance Bike For 5 Year OldDoes your 5 year old kid already know how to ride a real bike? At this age, most kids have already gone through their training using a balance bike and most of them can already try to test their skills with the real ones.

However, for those who haven’t or maybe looking for an upgrade from their toddler balance bikes, this article will help you select the right one for your kids.

We have here a list of the best balance bike for 5 year old as well as their best features that will help your kids develop their skills when it comes to balancing and confidence.

 Best Balance Bike For 5 Year Old in 2017

#1 Prince Lionheart Balance Bike

Prince Lionheart Balance BikeAre you looking for a particular bike that will not only teach your child the basics of riding the bike but also an environment-friendly? The Prince Lionheart Balance Bike has a lot of features that parents would really love as much as the kids would too.

It’s made of 100% Birchwood which makes the balance bike really lightweight. Being an eco-friendly type makes a huge difference for the environment as there might be other things that it can be used for after it has served its main purpose.

The adjustable seat of the Prince Lionheart Balance Bike is also a great way to ensure that the kids will not outgrow the bike right away.

With its 3 to 4 different height adjustment, your kid would still be able to use it for about 2 to 3 years. On the other hand, another great feature of the bike would be its tires made of rubber which provides smoother ride even on bumpy or uneven roads.

It also has a rubber hand grip which provides comfort to the rider regardless of how long they ride the bike. The Prince Lionheart Balance Bike also does not have any footrest or brakes. This makes the kids not rely on them and fully develop their basic skills when riding balance bikes.

Best Features:

  • Sturdy design
  • Environment-friendly materials
  • Easy to assemble
  • Lightweight balance bike

#2 Kiddimoto Evel Knievel Kurve Wooden Balance Bike

Kiddimoto Evel Knievel Kurve Wooden Balance BikeOne of the first things to consider when buying a balance bike would be its safety features; who wouldn’t? To be considered as one of the best balance bike for 5 year old, it should not only be equipped with great features but also the assurance that the kids riding the bike are safe.

This Kiddimoto Evel Knievel Kurve Wooden Balance Bike features a steering lock which would restrict kids from turning their handle to more than 30 degrees.

This may lead to some accidents such as jackknifing which it can always be avoided.

This balance bike’s upright riding position is very much similar to that of a regular bicycle.

This prepares the child not only to have the right set of skills but also to prepare them as they transition to real bikes.It also comes with 3 levels of adjustable height for its seat which makes it appropriate as the child gets taller.

The bike is also easy to assemble overall, there are also some tools included making the job easier and every part fit perfectly. For its design, Kiddimoto Kurve Wooden Balance Bikes have different prints available to choose from.

There are some that are made especially for boys while there are designs that look amazing for girls.

It also comes with comfortable rubber grips for easier control when maneuvering, all of which are non-toxic which makes them safe for the kids.

Best Features:

  • Made of Birch Ply Wood
  • Lightweight balance bike
  • Comes in designs
  • Best for ages 3 to 6 years old
  • Steering lock prevents jackknife incidents

#3.FirstBIKE Street Balance Bike, Light Blue

FirstBIKE Street Balance Bike, Light BlueLooking for a great balance bike for your kid? Consider FirstBIKE Street Balance Bike for his first ride. One of the reasons why this bike is one of our best balance bike for 5 year old is its durability.

The frame of this balance bike is made of a very durable material that is also carefully designed to avoid any sharp edges which makes it really safe for the kids to use.

It’s also waterproof to ensure that it doesn’t accumulate rust and be able to prolong its life for the years to come.

What separate this balance bike from the other models would be its child-sized breaks which are made easy for kids to operate.

For a much comfortable ride, the FirstBIKE Street Balance Bike offers a non-slip seat that’s also comfortable to sit on. Its saddle shape also promotes stability.

The seat is also adjustable with the range of 12 inches to 17.5 inches. Adjusting them is also made easier as it does not require any tool to do so.

Checking on the qualities of the bike tires is also as important as the other features. The FirstBIKE Street Balance Bike has cushioning air tires that perfect for passing through uneven roads. This provides a very comfortable ride for the kids regardless if it’s a bumpy ride.

Best Features:

  • Waterproof frame add protection
  • Made with high-quality materials
  • Features a small sized break
  • Lightweight balance bike
  • Adjustable seat height with no tools required

Final Words

Choosing the right bike for your kids is exciting but also requires a lot of time of selecting. Since you will be looking at different brands in the market, surely there would be times that you will get confused on which would be best.

However, one of the most effective ways of choosing would be reading some online reviews that will tell you what to expect from a particular balance bike.

From there, it would be easier for you to also set your reasonable budget and ensure that you can give your child right and the safest ride possible.