Top Five Best Toddler Helmets in 2018 : Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Toddler HelmetsKids enjoy biking. And trying to explain to parents why they need the best toddler helmets is redundant; we all know how important safety is when it’s regarding our children.

But parents must realize that they need to find the best helmet for toddlers and kids. Emphasize on ‘the’ because they are your child’s life protector. In fact, getting them used to wearing a helmet whenever they bike is a good habit that will stay until they grow up.

Not even the best bike helmets for toddlers can prevent accidents, but wearing one will save them from a lot of pain. Getting a helmet as soon as you get them a bike is one way to protect them and still have fun.

And here, we’ve carefully and thoroughly reviewed 5 toddler helmets for you, parents, to buy. You can wrap them as a gift for your kids to complete their bike collection!

Top Five Best Toddler Helmets in 2018

#1 Bell Minnie Toddler Helmet

Bell Minnie Toddler HelmetThe Bell Company releases their Toddler Helmet series that comes in 9 cute variations to choose from. One of the biggest problems in safety it convincing your daughter that it is not tacky and is made to protect them. They just don’t get it. But they do know that Minnie is cute and that pink is the sign of cute and love.

  • Colorful Choices: Bell Minnie Toddler Helmet specifically comes in a vibrant pink color.
  • True Fit self-adjust: It requires only one-step to adjust, which is easy even for kids to do it themselves!
  • For age 3-5: Fits in 3-5 years old girls with a circumference of 48-52 cm and is very comfy.
  • High Impact Reflectors: Helps protect your kid from blinding sunlight and protect the line of vision.
  • 6 vents for ventilation: It has 6 vents that allow ventilation to prevent sweaty and smelly head after playing. Buckling has also been designed to prevent pinching your daughter when strapping it up.

The drawback: Several customers were mostly complaining about how it is smaller and fits in mostly 4 years old kids. The measurement says 48-52 cm but a mother with a daughter measuring at 51 cm claimed that it was too tight. Other than that, the helmet was wonderful. No one came complaining their kids not liking it and some just had to ask their kids to take it off.

Many customers came to Bell after experiencing bad quality helmet from other manufacturers. What’s great about this is that many users are people who had tried various helmets and found out that Bell had the best toddler bike helmet quality they could get. Still in doubt?

#2 Giro Me2 Infant/Toddler Bike Helmet

Giro Me2 Infant Toddler Bike HelmetGiro is famous for selling high-quality helmet for skiing and biking. The company is now expanding and realizes that the best toddler helmet should also be sold for those kids. The company has a good history; several parents continue to buy helmets for their kids from this brand. They see that the extra fee compared to others is worth it.

  • Mini-Loc fit system: Easily adjustable strap system that is easy for kids to understand.
  • Microshell with bug net integration: Keeps toddler comfortable and safe.
  • Lots of room to grow in: The Giro Me2 Infant/Toddler Bike Helmet is carefully designed to fit in your child’s head as they grow.
  • 6 cooling vents: 6 vents on top of the helmet to ensure ventilation
  • For age 3-5 kids: The exact head circumference that will fit in is 18.75 to 20.5 inches.
  • Visor for comfortable biking: A Visor is included to keep your kid’s eye shaded without blocking the view.

The drawback: Alas, several customers have been complaining about how the soft-padding falls off and the inside of the helmet is so fragile and cheap-looking that they cannot last more than a few months. This seems to be simply a problem in manufacturing as several others are commenting on how sturdy it is. Ask for a return and you’ll get back a new sturdy helmet!

This helmet also comes in 6 different beautiful color combinations for boys and girls. It was made with consideration in comfort and functionality for your kids, so don’t have too many doubts buying one of the best helmets for toddlers.

#3 Schwinn Toddler Classic Microshell Helmet

Schwinn Toddler Classic Microshell HelmetIt’s fancy. If there’s one word to describe Schwinn Toddler Classic Microshell Helmet, that’s it. Schwinn has a history of as long as 112 years in manufacturing helmets and bikes related equipment. Their quality should not be doubted.

  • 10 flow vents: Kids stay comfortable even after a long ride on a bike.
  • Adjustable dial fit Gives a lot of room to grow in and better flexibility.
  • Wide coverage: With its extended covering, it offers a better security for your kids.
  • Sun brim: Built-in to protect their eyes and line of vision.

The drawback: The description does not come with exact measurement of head circumference. It does categorize the helmet as toddler size, which means for age 3-5. A description mentioned that the circumference for toddlers is about 18.875″-20.5″ which can be assumed as the size. Luckily, a mother was happy enough to provide measurement and mentioned that her daughter whose size at 18″ could fit in just right.

Quite spacious, this helmet can be adjusted and is actually wearable even for babies as long as the circumference size is suitable. Don’t have to worry about buying another one for a few years!

#4 Joovy Noodle Helmet, Orangie

Joovy Noodle Helmet, OrangieNo fancy characters, no problem! Joovy’s Noodle Helmet comes in 6 vibrant colors that will make them look mature.

  • CPSC Certification: This is the standard that government issue for parents in looking for a helmet.
  • Thick cushion: Great for absorbing impact and shocks to the head.
  • 14 air vents with bug mesh: Helps with ventilation and cooling for active kids. Additional protection to prevent bug problem.
  • Adjustable rear dial: Great flexibility and much room for kids to grow in.
  • Durable visor: Not just some cheap plastic visor, but one that will last for a long time!
  • Beautiful metallic colors to choose from: No characters making it easy to use between boys and girls. So, no need to spend more when your baby girl is growing up and has to wear her brother’s helmet!

The drawback: Like most other helmets, finding one with the right size appears to be challenging. Although the exact size is stated, parents are still finding it hard to fit their kids head in. Many suggest that parents carefully measure the circumference of their kids’ head. However, a parent who did had to return the product because the shape was slightly longer and the width was too small.

A road biker explains that this helmet is the kind that he’d want and thus, he’d want for his son. It’s got comfort, safety, and flexible adjustment in one helmet. If it’s time for your infant to start riding a bike, this helmet will again prove its usefulness.

#5 Ovation Schooler Helmet

Ovation Schooler HelmetComes in 8 different solid colors, the Ovation Schooler Helmet offers a new experience to biking and riding. It is lightweight and visor can be removed if you wish. It’s a step higher from the usual helmet; it’s the ultimate helmet that will definitely protect your kids from riding and biking. Ride and bike with one helmet only!

  • Riding and biking: We all know that riding has a much higher standard than biking, so feel safe to know that your kid is wearing the safest helmet out there.
  • Durable, removable visor: During riding lessons, sometimes you don’t need the visor. And this one provides you with just that.
  • ASTM Certification: It is manufactured to fulfill the ASTM standard, which is suggested by the government as a certificate that ensures the safety of a helmet.
  • High flow vents: Keep your children happy and cool as vents keep the current flow.
  • Adjustable dial: Dial is also adjustable and unlike other low standard helmets, this dial can really adjust to your kid’s head for a right fit.

The drawback: Few complaints reported how the sizing is too small or big. But it’s a common thing when helmets are sold online as sometimes children’s head are different from each other. There’s no one-fit-all size even though it comes with 4 different options. Several others were complaining about the fragile visor. Some could be categorized as being sent with failed products.

Overall, 1-star rating sums up to only 2% of verified purchases in Amazon of this product, which makes this one of the best toddler helmets for your kids!

When You Choose A Helmet For Kids?

As you’ve read above, there are several things that the best toddler helmet should have:

  • Colors and style shouldn’t be of priority
  • Make sure that the material is durable
  • There should be vent to allow breathing and integrated bug mesh
  • Extra padding to soften shocks
  • Adjustable dial to fit your child’s head
  • Certification may prove quality (CSA, CPSC, ASTM, ANSI, Snell)
  • Measurement is according to your kid’s head circumference
  • Visor should only shade the eye, not blocking user’s line of vision

How Do I Know If It Fits My Kid’s Head?

Follow the 2V1 guideline by the government. The 2V1 rules states as follow:

  1. Only 2 fingers width is allowed above the eyebrows
  2. A V-shaped should be formed under the ears by the straps
  3. One finger width between chin and chin straps

When using it, the helmet should not be wobbly and stays firm in one place. Even if your child shakes his head and looks around, the helmet must stay firm.


Wearing a helmet is a must. It is meant to protect your son and daughter from accidents as well as invest in a healthy habit. The best toddler helmet should be among the above; they fit it, are comfortable, adjustable and leave the user feeling safe. Certification will also ensure the safety measures posed by the products.

Not one helmet will fit everything, but at least through this guide, you can set a benchmark for the kind of helmet you want your kids to use.

Toddler helmet is a serious thing! Hopefully, this review will help you make the right choice.

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