How To Buy A Balance Bike For Your Kid? [Step by Step Guideline]

Kid’s running bike, toddlers bike, push bike are some of the alternative names of the balance bike. This type of bike is known as different names in different parts of the world.

Choosing a good and suitable balance bike for your kid seems to be an easy task. Brakes, peddles and training wheels are not the only considering things to buy a toddlers running bike. When you will decide to buy a bike for your kid, you will know the varieties of options of this.

The following points required to be considered while choosing a balance bike:

  1. The Size of the Bike
  2. Which type of Bike you want to buy?
  3. With Brakes or Without Break?
  4. Does it come with Safety guard or more assembly task?
  5. What type of tire you want for kid’s Running Bike?

How To Buy A Balance Bike For Your Kid?

How To Buy A Balance Bike For Your Kid?

The Size of the Bike

Balance bikes are available in different sizes with height adjustability. Buying the right size of it is important for any parents. Otherwise, it could lead to any physical problem to your kids as they are too small.

The height or size of the balance bike is measured by seat height. Doesn’t measure the size of the bike from the handles as many of you do this?

Some of the seats are adjustable like adult by-cycles. Therefore, you should prefer a bike with adjustable option so that you can adjust the height of seat according to your kid’s height.

Which type of Balance Bike you want to buy?

Metal bike, composite bike and wood bike are some of the classifications of balance bike. If you want to buy a lightweight riding medium for your kid, metal bike made from Aluminum will be the best option.

Wooden balance bike is more eco-friendly than metal made bikes. Biodegradable paints are used to these bikes and these looks unique with pictures and design.

You may skip composite made bikes due to being expensive. But, this could be a long time investment because it is durable and stronger than others. The beach or high humidity environment nearby people can prefer the composite riding bikes to go through with the condition.

Balance Bike with Brakes or Without Break?

Balance bikes are the medium to prepare your kid for the pedal bike. Therefore, it used to maintain the balance and brakes may not need on it. Moreover, running bikes are for toddlers, therefore, it could confuse them how to use and when to use.

Only metal and composite bikes come with brake option. You will not get any brake on wooden push bikes; only special order can include brakes on it.

Does it come with Safety guard or more assembly task?

Safety of kid should be given priority for choosing the right balance bike. Most of the bikes offer safety guards specially helmet. If your selected toddler’s bike does not offer it, you have to buy it along with other safety guards for your kid.

Some of the running bikes need assemble task before you make it ready to ride for your kid. The more assemble require before riding, the more will the risk of accident will increase during riding. Let the tires and screws tight always if needed. Moreover, you must avoid those push bikes those need to assemble and tighten screws every time before riding. If you choose the assembling bikes, it will waste your time as well as increase the risks.

What type of tire you want for kid’s Running Bike?

At last, you will have to choose the type of tires for the balance bike of your kid. EVA foam airless tires and traditional air tires are the two formats of the tires available in the market.

EVA foam airless tires are lightweight, simple to handle for a kid. Moreover, you do not need to pay any maintenance cost for the EVA foam tires. This type of bike with foam airless tire means no tension of flat tires. However, you need to replace the entire tire in case you ride on rough grounds.

We all know the traditional air tires that are used on bicycles. Similar to the tires, and they require little maintenance cost in regular interval. However, the low is low and it is perfect for any type of surface riding.

By the time, you will understand how to choose bike to teach balancing to purchase. However, keep in your mind that the size of the bike will be the most important factor to be considered.