Kazam Balance Bike Review: Does It Worth The Money?

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It is likely that you have already heard about balance bikes and you are curious about what they can do and you may even have read up Kazam balance bike review. For some people, balance bikes are absolutely unnecessary because they think that kids can get the same effect using pedal bikes but studies show that using balance bikes can actually be effective. Kids may benefit better and may be able to ride better if they would learn how to ride the balance bike first.

One of the balance bikes that people can consider is the Kazam. You may have heard about this bike already because it has received a lot of good reviews online but one notable thing about this balance bike is that it looks similar to a pedal bike minus the pedals. It is getting a lot of hype and from the features of this bike alone; you may also think that this bike deserves it.

Kazam Balance Bike Feature

Kazam Balance Bike Review

Features of Kazam Balance Bike

These are the different features that people can expect from this product:

  • Adjustable Chrome Handle Bars and Seat: This bike can be adjusted depending on the height and the size of the child. For instance, if the child is too tall, the bars and the seat can be adjusted to accommodate the child’s current height.
  • Soft Grips: There are instances when children have a hard time holding on to the bars because they are too hard to hold. Some kids would like to stop after a while because the grips are hurting their hands but this will not be the case with the grips of this bike.
  • Air Inflated Tires: This can make it easy for people to inflate the tires whenever needed.
  • Patented Foot Rest Design: The footrest is designed well in order to help kids place their feet while they are using the balance bike.
  • Lightweight: One of the main problems that kids sometimes encounter with bikes is that their bikes tend to be too heavy. The Kazam classic balance bike is lightweight so it can be easy to bring around.

These are just some of the features that you can get by purchasing this product.

Benefits of Using Kazam Balance Bike

Kazam Balance Bike ReviewAt this point, you may be wondering what does Kazam has over all the other balance bikes available. You may not know all about the Kazam balance bike review.

Here are just some of the benefits that you can get when you purchase this product:

  • Easily Adjustable: With some bikes, there is a need to use several tools just to make sure that the product will be working well but this bike can be easy to adjust and can be adjusted without tools.
  • Lightweight: There may be times when the bike would have to be brought somewhere. Instead of having to carry around something heavy, the Kazam bike is lightweight enough so you can just pull it when your child does not want to ride anymore.
  • Downward Crossbar: This can be very helpful, especially for children who are below 3 years of age and are just learning how to balance with the use of this bike. The crossbar that is facing downwards will make it easier for them.
  • Low Platform: Whenever children ride bikes, there is always a possibility that the child will crash and will get into an accident but because of the low platform of this bike, the child will not get serious injuries.

Pros and Cons of the Kazam Balance Bike

Even though there are different benefits that you can get from using this product, it will be important to discuss the pros and cons of this bike beforehand.

  • Superior to Training Wheels: While using training wheels can sometimes be hard for children, balancing can be very easy with the use of this bike.
  • Different Colors to choose from: It might not seem important but it can be very easy for kids to appreciate if the bike would be in colors that they like.
  • Easily Adjustable – Whether it is the seat or the handlebars that would need to be adjusted, it can be done immediately. As mentioned earlier, people do not need tools in order to make some adjustments.
  • Wheels need to be inflated: There are some balance bikes that are made with molded wheels which mean that there is no need to inflate from time to time because the bike will stay that way.
  • Quality of Parts: Even though most people who have bought this product have nothing bad to say about the bike overall, there are some people who complain that the parts are not made with quality materials which means that there is a chance that the bike will break down after some time.
  • Downward Seats: This can be a problem especially if the kid is unable to balance properly on the bike. The downward-facing seats can make any child fall unintentionally and this might cause accidents

Customer Score:

While there are a lot of balance bikes that are available, a lot of people admit that they would choose this over all the balance bikes because the benefits and the pros that this bike can give can outweigh the cons. Most people are very happy with what they have gotten because of the balance bike.

Product Installation/Maintenance Instructions

Kazam Balance Bike MaintenanceIf in case you have already received the balance bike, the parts are placed in separate plastics. The moment that you assemble it, you are recommended to throw away the plastic because there is a chance that your child will play with those plastic bags and get suffocated. Installation can be easy because it can be done without using any tools.
In order to maintain the bike, here are some things to remember:

  • Keep the bike clean at all times.
  • Keep the tires inflated properly. (Not too much, not too little)
  • Store the bike in a safe place.


With all the things that have been said about Kazam balance bike, it is quite apparent that this is a good buy. For $$, this will surely be a bike that your child will enjoy not only for a year but for a few years to come.

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