Prince Lionheart Balance Bike Review: Should You Buy This Bike?

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Are you searching for the right balance bike that you are going to buy for your child like the Prince Lionheart Balance Bike? It is highly likely that you would like your child to learn how to ride a bike and while you are patient in teaching, there is always a chance that your child will find it hard to understand what he/she can do in order to learn.

Purchasing a paddle bike is not recommended for kids because the child might not be too safe especially if your child is unable to balance properly for a certain time being because of his/her current age. The right balance bike can always make a huge difference in how fast your child will learn. The different choices of balance bikes that are available can make it hard for people to choose which balance bike can be the most beneficial.

Prince Lionheart Balance Bike Review

If ever you are still having a hard time searching for the best balance bike, what you can choose is Prince Lionheart. It can make a lot of difference in how well your child will learn how to ride.

Features of Prince Lionheart Balance Bike

  • This Prince Lionheart balance bike is actually considered to be lightweight at 10 pounds. There are other balance bikes that are lighter but a lot of balance bikes are heavier than this.Prince Lionheart Balance Bike Review
  • 12” wheels can be found installed in this bike. This makes it easy for toddlers and small children alike to ride this because it will not be too far from the floor. Riding can be easy and safer that way.
  • Unlike other bikes that are usually made out of steel and aluminum, this bike is made out of 100% birch wood. This might make it heavier but it is also sturdier and can make it easy to be ridden by children.
  • This bike can be assembled and disassembled immediately. This means that if you would need to disassemble your bike when you are travelling, you may be able to do this easily.
  • This bike has solid rubber handgrips which will make it easy for kids to hold on to whenever they are riding. This is especially helpful if kids are riding a bit fast.

These are just some of the notable features that you should know about this balance bike.

Benefits of Using Prince Lionheart Balance Bike Review

There are various benefits that can be used when this product is used. Here are just some things to think about:

  • Since this bike is lightweight, this can be very easy for children to use.
  • The wooden body of this bike can be very strong and children might feel like they are more secure when they are using this bike.
  • Assembling and disassembling can be easy. Whether it is going to be used and will have to be moved from place to place, it will not be much of a hassle.

PROS and CONS of Prince Lionheart Balance Bike

There are different points that can be considered to determine whether Prince Lionheart is actually the best bike to purchase or not. Here are the pros and cons of this bike:

  • Can be a great transition toy – This can be used as a toy that will signify that your little one is already growing up. At the same time, this can help your child balance so that he can be better at riding a bike.
  • Solid Rubber Handgrips – It will be easy for children to grip the handlebars of this bike simply because it is made out of solid rubber. This means that there are lesser chances that the child’s hands are going to slip from the handlebars.
  • Easy to Assemble – There are a lot of balance bikes that would require a lot of instructions in order to put together but this one does not require much. It can be easily assembled by you so that your child can use it immediately.
  • Since it is made out of wood, it is not waterproof. If your child is using it and it rains, there is a chance that the wood will start to rot and break down.
Now that you know some of the pros and cons of this bike, you will have a clearer idea of whether you should purchase it or not for your child.

Customer Score:

This has received a lot of praise on a lot of websites where it is being sold because it is comfortable and durable. A lot of people actually like the fact that it is made out of wood and that its weight is just right considering that it is a very sturdy bike. It has received a good score because of the different benefits that it can give out and the fact that it can be used by children aged 2 – 5 years old. Yet, its good points may also be its downfall depending on how people are going to use it.

Product Installation Instructions/ Maintenance Instructions:

Prince Lionheart Balance BikeSince this bike can be disassembled and can come in a few pieces, putting together these few pieces would simply be described in the manual that comes with the bike. In order to maintain the bike, make sure that it will not get wet. The moment that the product becomes too wet, there is always that large possibility that it will start to rot down and break down.

As a result, the bike cannot be repaired anymore. If ever you would need to clean it, do so with the right cloth. It might be best if you could keep your cloth dry.


This bike is just one of the balance bikes that people are considering purchasing for their children. Purchasing this bike can be helpful especially if you have more than one child. If one child grows out of using it, the other child can then start using it. The materials are strong enough to hold and will not become problematic in the future. Is this the best bike for you? You will be the one to decide for your child.

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