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If there is one thing that parents would like to buy for their children right now, it is a balance bike. Some people may think that this is a completely unnecessary thing to purchase but a lot of parents are saying that this can be very helpful. One of the products that you can check out right now is Schwinn Balance Bike Review.

The great thing about Schwinn Balance Bike is that it is considered to be one of the best balance bikes. If you are already starting to wonder if this is the right bike that you should purchase, continue to read to know more about it.

Features of productSchwinn Balance Bike Review Green

  • Feet to Floor Design: There are some balance bikes that may be a bit hard to use because the foot to floor design is a bit too long. There are times when kids find it hard to balance because of this fact.
  • Air Tires: Having air tires will make it similar to having pedal bikes. This can make it easy for kids to transfer from using balance bikes to real pedal bikes.
  • Adjustable Seat Height: Since kids grow and the bike would have to be maximized, being able to adjust the seat height can be very helpful.
  • Average Size: The size of the bicycle will run true for children who have an average size.
  • Soft Handlebars: One of the main concerns of parents is that their children will have a hard time holding on to the handlebars because they are hard. The soft handlebars of this bike can help children ride for longer periods of time.

Schwinn Balance Bike Review

Benefits of Using Schwinn Balance Bike

If in case you would like to know more about the different benefits that you can get from this product, here are just some of the things that you should know:

  • Real Rubber Tires: The fact that this bike has real rubber tires can edge out its competition entirely. It can be very easy for the bike to be used in areas where it is not paved and the roads are a bit bumpy.
  • Like an Adult Bike: You can be sure that your little one will not feel out of place when he/she would need to use this bike because it looks similar to an adult bike.
  • Made of Quality Materials: You can be sure that this bike will not fall apart when being used because it is made out of quality materials that can withstand the test of time.
  • Adjustable: It is very beneficial for any bike, especially a balance bike to be adjustable because kids grow and the bike would need to accommodate them for a certain period of time.
  • Balancing is Easy: A lot of people have already said that using this bike has done wonders for the balancing powers of their children. Just after a few days of using the balance bike, children can usually ride this bike better and faster than ever.

Pros and Cons of Using Schwinn Balance Bike

If in case you would like to know more about this product, it is only important that you will know more about its positive side and its negative side.

  • Can adjust to your child’s height. If your child is a bit taller and longer than other people his/her age, this will not be a problem because the seat can be adjusted to accommodate your child.
  • The unique foot-to-floor design can be very helpful for children so that they will stay safe while riding this bike. The fact that it is not too far from the floor also makes children more confident about what they should do.
  • The bike can be very sturdy. One of the main concerns of people is that the bike can suddenly break down while they are using it. There is a chance that the bike will suddenly just fall over and this might cause the child to have an accident but this will not happen with the Schwinn balance bike.
  • There are some customers who have reported some paint issues. Some have said that they have received the bike with huge scratches or gashes while others complain that they are starting to get splotches on their bike without doing anything.
  • This thing can rust immediately. One solution that some people have thought up is to cover the bike with clear polish but this can be very hard and tedious to do.
  • The seat may tend to slide down from time to time. Of course, it follows that when the seat keeps on sliding down, the child who is riding the balance bike will also slide down as a result.

Customer Score

Overall, this product has received a pretty good score on different sites. The main reasons why people are giving this great score is because it looks like an adult bike and mainly because children actually enjoy riding it and in the process, they do not get hurt.

Product Installation Instructions – Maintenance InstructionsSchwinn Balance Bike Installation

Installation of this bike can be easy as long as the manual that comes with purchasing this product is followed step by step. Since the paint of this bike can get scratched very easily, you have the option to repaint it in paint that will not scratch off that easily. You may also apply something on the bike’s paint to make it last longer. Cleaning this bike would need to be done properly because not doing so might wreck the overall look of this bike.


While it is true that there are so many balance bikes that people can choose from, Schwinn stands out because of the different things that it can offer. You can read Schwinn balance bike review and still get more positives than negatives. It may not be the perfect bike because there are some things that it can improve on but it can be the perfect bike for your child depending on what your child is searching for.

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