Strider 12 No Sport Pedal Balance Bike Review

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Owning a balance bike can be a dream come true for a lot of kids but it seems that some parents are skeptical about how helpful balance bikes can be. Strider balance bike reviews show however that balance bikes are not only being hyped for nothing. They can be very helpful too. For kids who have balance bikes, there are different benefits that they can get. Balance bikes are usually safer because kids have the natural tendency to use their feet whenever they need to stop and this will allow kids to feel safer whenever they need to use it.

Strider 12 No Sport Pedal Balance Bike Review

Out of all the balance bikes that are available, it can be very helpful if people would choose the right balance bikes for their children. If you are planning to purchase a balance bike soon, which one should you choose? There is a wide array of bikes available and one of those that you should consider is Strider 12 No Sport Pedal Balance Bike. Strider balance bike reviews can always be seen online.

Features of Strider 12 No Sport Pedal

  • Padded Seat: This is one notable thing about the newest version of this pedal balance bike. The padded seat will make it more possible for kids to ride this bike comfortably.Strider 12 No Sport Pedal Balance Bike Review
  • Adjustable: The great thing about this bike is that it does not matter whether your child is only 2 years old or is about to turn 5, it can be adjusted depending on the height of your child.
  • Lightweight: Since this can be used by kids who are still young, the bike is lightweight to make it easy to move. At the same time, it can move and stop very easily depending on the movements of your child.
  • Bonus XL Seat: If in case the bike would be used by a child who is big for his/her age or is already nearing 5 years old, the bonus XL seat can be used to ensure that the child will remain too ride comfortably with the use of this bike.
  • Adjustable Handlebar: Not only is the handlebar adjustable, it can also be customized. It also has a cool look that kids will obviously love.

Benefits of Using Strider 12 No Sport Pedal Balance Bike

It seems that even though the features are already mentioned above, you may feel a bit skeptical about purchasing this because you do not know how it can be beneficial for your child. Here are just some of the benefits that you may get from it:

  • It generally comes with a mini saddle which can be perfect to be used by toddlers. Since most toddlers have a hard time using even balance bikes, a bike that is meant for their age will always be beneficial.
  • No tools are needed to make adjustments to the bike. Whether it is the seat or the handlebars that will be adjusted, people do not have to have tools in order to make the proper adjustments.
  • There is a handlebar safety pad that is available right now that will help prevent possible injuries that may be acquired if the child falls off the balance bike.
  • This balance bike is also very lightweight. If in case you are wondering how it became so light, it is because instead of steel, the frame of this bike is made out of aluminum. This means that carrying and pulling this bike can be very easy to do.
  • The wheels are also maintenance-free because they are already molded. There is no need to place air on the wheels from time to time.

Pros and Cons

Know more about this bike by reading more about its pros and cons. Here are just some of the things to remember.

  • It only weighs about 5 pounds. If you would compare that with all the other balance bikes that are available, it is obviously the most lightweight. This is very beneficial especially if the bike would be brought from place to place.
  • This can easily make kids lose their fear of falling with the use of bikes. They become so accustomed to it that they can start riding faster and faster.
  • The seat can go for as low as 11. This means that more kids of different heights can ride this bike very well.
  • It can be a little bit too light for some kids. There are some kids who would like to move around a bit feeling that they are riding something that they can use to move so the weight of this bike can also be its con.
  • This bike can be too small especially if it is supposed to be used by someone who is already 3 years or 4 years of age. This bike is better used by kids who are 2 years old and even a bit younger than that.
  • The wheels are made out of plastic. While this can be easy for some since this means that it never needs to be adjusted, riding it can become harder, especially on uneven terrain.
Based on the pros and cons that you have learned, you will be able to assess if you think that this product is worth it for you or not.

Customer Score

It has received quite a high score on various sites because even though there are some cons that people have said about it when the bike is used by children of proper age, the way that it works can be very effective and can be incomparable to other bikes that aim to give the same type of service.

Product Installation Instructions/ Maintenance InstructionsStrider 12 No Sport Pedal Balance Bike

Like with other bikes, the installation of this bike is very easy and does not require tools in order to work. What you just have to do is make sure that you follow the instructions so that you can make your bike work properly afterward. In order to maintain the bike, it is important that it will be stored in a dry and safe place wherein it will not be exposed to different things that might damage the bike entirely.


If you have a toddler, someone who is barely even two but you would like to start riding at the soonest possible time; this is the perfect product to use. There may be some changes that can be done with the bike to accommodate older kids but these changes are not guaranteed to be perfect. Always check out Strider balance bike reviews for more details.

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