Strider ST-3 No Pedal Balance Bike Review: Should You Go For It?

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If you are searching for the right balance bike such as Strider ST–3 for your child, you already know how hard it can be because you are not sure if it is the best one. From the number of choices that are available to the different features that you have to consider it can be nerve-wracking and confusing.

You still have to take note of different brands and models of balance bikes without actually knowing what the various differences are and what features can make one bike better than the other.

Strider ST-3 No Pedal Balance Bike Review

You may be tempted to choose the first balance bike that you see without checking what it can do for your child. There is even a chance that the bike that you will purchase will not even be good for your child because of the way that it is made. If in case you are really having trouble choosing which balance bike you are going to choose, let it be easier for you by making you look at this bike more thoroughly.

Product Features

Are you already curious to know more about the different things that this Strider balance bike can offer? Here are just some of the features that you should know more about:

  • New mini grip and mini handlebars will make it easier for toddlers to hold on to the bike when they are moving around without having too much trouble.

Strider ST-3 No Pedal Balance Bike Review

  • Patented launch pad foot rest will make it possible for children to stay comfortable while their feet are on the footrest. It can also be easy to place their feet down whenever they would need to stop.
  • A new mini saddle is now available to make it easier for younger children to feel comfortable while they are riding. It seems that there are some children who find it hard to fit because they are too small for the old saddle of this bike.
  • The fact that this balance bike is only at 7 lbs makes it one of the lightweight balance bikes that are available in the market right now. This can make it easy for children to use especially the young ones.
  • Quick clamp seats and handlebars will always make it easier for people to adjust whenever they would need to. The great thing about this is that there is no need to use any type of tools when adjustments are being done.

Benefits of Using Strider ST-3 Child No Pedal Balance Bike

There are various benefits that you and your child can get when you decide to purchase this balance bike. Some of these benefits are the following:

  • It will be easy for your child to transition from using this bike to a real paddle bike because the design is almost similar. The main difference would lie in the lack of pedals of this bike and the foot rest in its place.
  • Since this bike has a handlebar pad, this makes it safer to use as compared to the other balance bikes that are available. If your child is an advanced balance bike rider, this may be very helpful.
  • This bike can still be used by children who are over 5 years old provided that the right items will be set up in place of the small items that are placed when this bike is purchased for the first time.
  • The bike that you will get is made out of the best quality so you can be sure that the bike will last a good, long while.
  • The frame is made out of steel unlike others that are made out of aluminum which can make the bike too light or made out of wood which is more prone to getting problems, this steel bike can sure be sturdy.

Pros and Cons of Strider ST-3 Child No Pedal Balance Bike

If in case you are curious to learn more about Strider ST–3, here are some of the pros and cons that you can know.

  • The bike is tiny so it can be used even by kids who are barely 2 years old. The bike can also be adjusted (including the seats) depending on the height of your child.
  • The bike is light so it means that even a small child will be able to push it around so that it can start moving until such time when your child already knows how to balance.
  • The bike is sturdy. Like mentioned earlier, the bike is made out of steel and this means that this bike can last longer as compared to other bikes.
  • Strider ST–3 would require you to make purchases if you would like the balance bike to still be used by children who are above 3 years old. This can be a problem if you do not want to spend again on tools.
  • The wheels are made out of plastic. This can make bumpy roads be felt even more especially by a child.
  • It might be a bit hard for the child to use especially if he/she is a beginner but once the child gets the hang of it, it will not be a problem anymore.

Customer Score

Based on the things that people have written about it, most of them are happy with what the bike can provide overall. It just matters a lot for who the bike is going to be because this bike is perfect for kids who are about 2 – 3 years of age because of its size and length. This can still be used by older children but with some modifications.

Product Installation Instructions – Maintenance Instructions

Strider st-3 no-pedal balance bike review
The pieces that are used to make this balance bike can be assembled in no time at all. There are very few parts so they can easily be placed together to make the bike whole. Do remember that even though this seems like a sturdy bike, there is still a need for the Strider ST–3 to be stored properly and it should not be left outside and be rained on and become dry because of the heat of the sun. It should still be protected to guarantee that it will last long. Whenever modifications would need to be made, there are usually manuals that can come with that so that easy installation will be possible.


If your child is about 2 – 3 years old and is of average height or smaller, purchasing Strider ST–3 No Pedal Balance Bike can be the best option that is available right now. Its price may be a bit steep for you but remember how long it can be used so that you can realize that it is worth it.

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